Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Birthday Party

My family and I packed our bags ready to go up North because it was my niece's birthday. We had chocolate relays and we played pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey. We were blind folded and it was very hard. My brother nearly bumped into the table.

My birthday

Do you know what I did?

Yesterday I went to Valentines because it was my birthday. I turned 8 and all my cousins and my family came. I got a racing car and it had a remote control. I drank hot chocolate and I had fun at Valentines.

The Cat

I took my cat inside to my mum's bed. Then my mum came inside her bedroom and she started to scream. I said "Mum you are squashing Peety" She said "Why did you put peety on my bed?"


On Saturday my uncle went to the shop. I played with the skipping rope with my dog and my cousin.

My Weekend

I went to my cousins house for the weekend. I played tiggy with my cousin Tevivi.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Playground

All of Room 9 ran to the playground. After that Timote and I were flying on the flying fox. Next we spun on the spinning bar.

Fun Day

What a fun day I had! All of Room 9 went to play on the Adventure playground. I played on the flying fox then I went on the hand rail.

Glenbrae Park

I had a wonderful day today! I went on the rope wall and did a front star flip. I felt happy because I played on everything.

Playground Fun

During playtime I swung on the monkey bars. After I went on the monkey bars I went up the rope wall but it was very hard to climb.

Fun on the Playground

I swung on the chain triangle bars they gave me blisters all the time. I feel happy to be with my friends.