Saturday, March 17, 2012

Swim Magic by Manuae

Today Room 9 was getting ready to walk to the G.I pools.First of all Ms Joyce told the swimmers to put our togs on then put our  uniform back on top of our togs.Once all the swimmers were all ready to go we lined.
When we were all lined up we started walking down to the school gates then Ms Joyce opened the gates so we could go out.
We were walking near a big big road with lots of busy cars.When we  arrived at the crossing there was no cars so the whole class crossed the road. Very soon we saw the  G.I pools.

I was so excited to see the G.I pools again.I have not been to the G.I pools for a very long time.We walked though the drive way and towards the door.

When we arrived at the door Ms Joyce asked us nicely to be quiet while we were walking though the  office.Then we walked and sat down on the the floor.Then Room 10 came out of the pool and went to get changed.

Ms Joyce told us to take off our uniform because we had our togs on under our uniform.We had to hop in the pool where our instructors said hello to us.

The instructor said that we were going to do free style. The instructor said that I was excellent at doing free styles. We saw Room 8 arrive at the pool.

We did one more activity then the instructor gave us a high five and we hoped out so Room 8 could have their  swimming time. I went and had a shower and I brought a bottle of body wash. I was ready to go then everyone was ready to go so we  started walking back to school.

I was so looking forward to having  morning tea after all the exercise.


Monday, March 12, 2012

Fun Swimming

Rm 9 students walked to the  G.I. swimming pools in the freezing, cold, rainy,cloudy and windy weather. A little while later Rm 9 students finally got inside the  building. When we walked inside we waited for Rm 10 to finish their session so that we could go swimming  with the swimming instructors. I had lots of fun swimming and learning new skills  in the water.  

By Deandra