Monday, July 19, 2010

Manuae 'Pirates"


  1. Kia ora Manuae, I really enjoyed your story because in the holidays I went to stay at the place in America where Blackbeard the Pirate lived! We saw the place where hundreds of ships were wrecked and learned lots of fascinating things about pirates. I bought a pirate's costume home with me and I wore it to school on Monday :)
    Have a great term
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Manuae
    I enjoyed listening to you read your story. Did you know there are still pirates sailing the seas and attacking ships? I heard an item about pirates on the news just last week.

  3. HI Manuae i enjoyed listening to your reading.

  4. Hi manuae I liked the way you speaked with
    motivation and expression.

  5. Hi Manuae i really enjoyed listening to your pirate story.


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